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Established in 1990, based in Edenvale on the eastern suburbs of Johannesburg, ACME POOL & SPA, are leading specialists in their field in the design and construction of swimming pools and spa’s, catering for all tastes and budgets.  We believe a pool or spa is not an investment you make everyday, therefore we are confident that our experience will serve to reassure all of our customers when it comes to commitment and quality.

ACME POOL & SPA is a full service company encompassing all aspects of pools, spa’s, koi ponds and water features.

Specializing in fibre glass, marbelite, pool heating (heat pumps and solar), salt water chlorination, UV lights, filters (sand and bio) pumps and paving……in fact every thing that’s related to pools and spa’s.



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We offer pools in all shapes and sizes, – your fantasy is our limit.  25MPA steel reinforced gunite shell with either fibreglass or marbelite finish as well as a comprehensive range of pre-moulded shells are available to realise your dream pool.

A choice of paving, decking or tiling around the pool in the finish of your choice. Various colours in both marbelite and fibre are available to finish pool best suited to your wishes.



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BEFORE                                         AFTER                               BEFORE                              AFTER

At ACME POOL & SPA we can take your old tired looking pool and surrounds and transform it into a new modern enticing feature in your garden, by replacing the paving and copings with new more modern varieties as well as resurfacing your pool with new either Fibreglass or Marbelite.



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A spa is source of endless rejuvenation, relaxing sore and tired muscles. Offering relief to arthritis, oesteo arthritis, high blood pressure, anxiety and stress. Relaxing in hot water before creeping in will promote a deeper more natural sleep. Hydrotherapy promotes muscle pain relief, allowing collagen tissue to become more supple and stretchable easing pain and restoring range of motion. Apart from all the positive attributes mentioned above, a spa is also pure fun for family and friends.



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We will fit customised Koi ponds complete and water features in various finished to compliment your surroundings 



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SOLAR PANELS              SOLAR BLANKETS         HEAT PUMPS                 SOLAR PANELS

We will assess your pool and suggest the best form of heating and heat retention for your enjoyment



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Pool safety nets customised to the shape of your pool


Services offered include sales, service and installations of :

  • Heat pumps
  • Solar heating systems
  • Solar blankets and roll up stations
  • Salt water chlorinators
  • Ozonator systems for pools and spas
  • UV light systems
  • Pumps, filters, timers and pool boxes
  • Safety nets
  • Fibreglass and Marbelite renovations
  • LED pool and spa lights
  • Paving and Decking around pools

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